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I now maintain an increased level of energy and I sleep better at night. I no longer have indigestion or cravings. Most important, though, by exercising and eating the proper foods, I am increasing caloric intake and still losing weight and inches!

- Linda G.

My stubborn ‘set point’ weight is finally moving, and I am consistently losing weight again!

- Paul F.

I have adopted Pathway Fit as a part of my pre-surgery recommendations, as it provides my patients with strong scientific insight as to how their genes play an active role in their diet and exercises needs and existing behaviors, along with actionable insight for positive change. I have seen profoundly greater compliance in my patients that have made health and lifestyle changes based on the results of their genetic test.

- Sunil Bhoyrul, M.D., FACS, FRCS

I have been eating the wrong diet for a while… now I know and will be able to to lose these 10 pounds that have come on and stayed!

- Susan T.

The most promising information I received was learning exactly what kind of exercise would be most beneficial for me… I put these strategies into place and am already seeing the results!

- Bryn J.
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